Equal Opportunity Employer

It is the School’s policy to comply with the applicable laws that provide equal opportunity in employment for all persons and to prohibit unlawful discrimination in employment. Implementation of the School’s Equal Opportunity Employment Policy is the responsibility of all School employees. Employees will be evaluated on the adherence to the policy as part of their annual performance appraisal.

SEEC Approach

The Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center has as its highest priority the provision of an outstanding educational program in a nurturing environment. The school fosters the total social, emotional, aesthetic, intellectual, and physical growth of the child by using the unique resources of the Institution to challenge children. Children are offered educational experiences tailored to their individual developmental levels and SEEC welcomes children with special needs. Each classroom is led by professionally trained educators who provide new challenges, while encouraging each child to grow at his or her own pace. The program encourages children to think, reason, question, and experiment, while fostering a positive self-concept. SEEC believes strongly in an anti-bias approach to education, embodied in our Diversity Statement.

Current Openings

Teacher showing child a globe.

We currently don’t have any openings, please check back at a later date.



Teacher showing child flowers.

We currently don’t have any openings, please check back at a later date.



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