Left image of group of educators sitting in front of a painting. Right image, two educators discussing a painting.

Learning Through Objects

Museums are for everyone, even the very young! This hands-on, two day seminar will explore the many benefits of using community spaces for learning, and give participants a robust toolkit for engaging young children in objects, artwork, and more.


March 13 – 14, 2020

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

National Mall (Exact Location TBD)


Link to register for educator workshop.


Learning Theory

  • Explore the scholarship of early learning theorists particularly as they apply to SEEC’s educational philosophy.
  • Watch lessons from SEEC classrooms to observe this theory in action.


  • Educational theory supports the notion that museums are developmentally appropriate learning environments for young children. Participants will articulate how museums support children’s developmental growth and learning.

Power of Objects

  • Objects are a powerful tool for making connections to people, ideas, history, and more. Participants will recognize the significance of objects and their potential as a vehicle for learning.

Learning to Look

  • Part of an object’s power is embedded in its appearance. Participants will see the benefit in giving young children time to observe and share their observations. We will discuss techniques for encouraging careful looking and how it can build a child’s visual literacy and early science skills.

Entry Points

  • Participants will learn the ways in which SEEC utilizes a variety of teaching methods to create age-appropriate and meaningful community-based learning experiences.

Building a Lesson

  • Participants will define scaffolding and discuss how young children are capable of understanding complex ideas when they are presented in developmentally appropriate.
  • Participants create their own lessons that they can use in their own learning environment.

Learning Extensions

  • Participants will discuss ways in which learning can extend beyond a lesson or museum program.

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