Left image: Participants playing with a tube in a sculpture garden. Right image: participants creating a tableau in an art museums

Play in the Community

This fast-paced, interactive two day seminar explores play as a vehicle for engaging young children in the classroom, museum, and community. Bringing together children’s interests, play themes, and museum collections, seminar participants partake in hands-on, object based activities, gallery visits, and guided discussions with museum professionals and early childhood educators.


June 06, 2020 

Optional observations on Friday, June 5th (classroom) or Sunday, June 7th (museum program)

Smithsonian Campus

 $150 – $200

Link to register for educator workshop.


Why Play

  • Define play and discuss different types of play as a large group.
  • Explore why play is important for young children.

Playful Choices

  • Attendees will participate in different types of play and reflect on different types of play and their benefits.

Play & Art

  •  Participants will practice techniques for blending play and art objects.

Learning to Look

  • Participants will examine how play is viewed through informal and formal studies and discuss in large and small groups how educators can communicate about the importance of play in their classrooms.

The Value of Play

  • Participants will learn the ways in which SEEC utilizes a variety of teaching methods to create age-appropriate and meaningful community-based learning experiences.

Play & STEM

  • Attendees will observe and participate in unique, playful practices that engage students in STEM learning.


  • Educators will think through the logistics and classroom management of playing in informal learning spaces.

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