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SEEC has developed a wide array of online resources to serve educators, caregivers, and families.

Book on bees, toilet paper roll beehive and bee painting tray.

Lessons and Activities

Experienced educators curate playful and educational experience for children aged, 0 – 8. Each class includes playful activities that are intentionally chosen to support your child’s development. Our learning extends beyond the classroom and into the museum where children and caregivers are encouraged to wonder and explore together as a family.

Adult and two children cooking together


The Smithsonian Early Explorers (SEE) meets 2 days-a-week for the course of an academic year and includes caregivers and their children aged, 18 – 36 months. Like our school, SEE invests in supporting the development of the whole child and creating strong relationships with families.

Maris Polanco's Eternal - jellyfish made out of plastic bags.

Eternal by Maris Polanco

At SEEC, we are all about celebrating special moments and bringing families together. Our celebrations focus on content, community, and fun. For children aged 2 – 8.

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