Left Image: Woman behind podium with display of teaching materials. Right image: children in a buggy looking at a book.

Emergent Literacy

Very young children thrive in an environment that is rich in exposure to everyday objects, stories, and visual images. Age appropriate books, art prints and objects not only appeal to toddlers and two-year-olds but help them understand the world around them.  Learn how to develop a curiosity that promotes early literacy by incorporating the arts, the community, and everyday objects into classroom activities.


November 21, 2019 

3:30 PM

Smithsonian American Art Museum


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Emergent Literacy

  • Create a shared definition of reading.
  • Discuss the skills that an emergent reader is developing.

Emergent Literacy Toolkit

  • Identify specific strategies for developing emergent literacy skills.
  • Participants will brainstorm object-based lessons around “Goodnight Moon.”


  • Participate in two museum-based lessons that connect with a book and utilize the approaches previously discussed as well as other teaching strategies that enhance community-based learning with young children.

Literary Environments

  • Share examples of environments and techniques that encourage young readers.

Panel Disucssion

  • A panel of educators discuss:
    • Emergent literacy and standards
    • Inclusion and anti-bias
    • Choosing and making books

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