Left image: Participants look at an artwork. Right image: Child creates a self portrait.

Never Too Young

Children begin developing a sense of self at a very young age. Through discussion and hands-on activities, participants will  explore the complexities of identity and bias, and why it is important for children to not only have a positive sense of self, but to also engage with people and perspectives that are different from their own. Educators will gain techniques to use cultural objects, as well as tips to engage families.





Young Children & Identity

  • We will explore the science and scholarship about how young children see themselves and others so as to understand why it is important to consider identity when teaching young children.

Exploring Identity

  • Participants will discuss the many elements of a person’s identity.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • We will define both terms and examine the role they play in our classrooms or programs.

Our Own Bias

  • What is the difference between explicit and implicit bias and how do we counteract implicit bias in our teaching?

Positive Sense of Self

  • Using community and objects to create lessons or programs that  promote a positive sense of self?

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