Three images of children playing.

We Believe

Children are individuals who develop and learn differently.

Caregiving is a hard job and is not to be judged.

Young children are developing their ability to sit, listen, cooperate, and control their emotions. As adults, is it important to remember that this is hard work and we should try to balance our expectations with a child’s individual progression.

Our programs are for fun and family.

Playing is learning.

Adults should play, be silly, sing, get dirty and generally have a good time with their children.

In open-ended questions and wondering out loud, even with infants and toddlers.

It’s worthwhile to stop, look carefully, and describe what we see with young children.

Children should try new things and not be afraid to fail.

Learning truly begins at birth and should continue into adulthood.

Learning is more effective when done as a community.

Walking feet and careful hands will enable us to be safe in museums, but will not preclude us from looking, talking, singing, and playing during our museum visits.

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